Winter Wonderland Christmas Decor

The most magical time of year has finally fallen upon us! I have been looking forward to the holidays this year for many reasons. One of them being that this will be our second Christmas in our new home and this time around we are a bit more situated. Everything is in it’s place and I can actually say that our house is now a home. Now that my babies are a little older they are slowly understanding Christmas and the magic that comes with it. I decided to get the kids each their own little mini trees for their bedrooms with cute ornaments that best described their personalities.

My husband is into real Christmas trees and wants to keep on that tradition so we decided to get keep the tradition alive and get a real tree for his man-cave. On that tree is where we will put all of our sentimental ornaments.

The tree in the formal living room belongs to momma and it was time to give this tree some sass. I wanted this tree to be glamified (is that even a word?). This tree is all mine.

The inspiration for momma’s tree came from last spring when my husband and I decided to give the fireplace a face lift. It was a beige marble with brass hardware and we changed it to grays and whites in the marble with a modern herringbone layout. It definitely changed the space and I remember telling my husband that this Christmas I wanted a winter wonderland. I wanted my tree to be all white especially since the year prior the tree had reds and teal decor.


I wanted all shades of white as well as silvers and metallic. I also wanted it to be a bit feminine and romantic so when I saw my favorite flower, the peony with a flair of winter charm at Michaels I was like a kid at the candy store, I wanted it ALL.


I wanted to also add some winter elements and these frosted branches from Michael’s definitely did the job. As for the ribbon I decided to start off with some mesh, it’s just so much easier to work with and it makes it a bit more elaborate. Then I started adding some accent ribbon.After that I added the floral to hide where ever I saw some holes. Then after I added the ornaments. I’m obsessed with mercury glass so when I saw these at Target  I grabbed a couple of boxes.


I wanted the mantel to carry the same elements as the tree so natural looking garland and the pops of white were all frosted branches from Michael’s that I cut apart and scattered everywhere. I wanted the fur cozy look to continue so these stockings were the perfect Homegoods find.


I sort of just shopped around my home for the coffee table. As I mentioned before, I love mercury glass so I had a few of these Pilar holders around the house.  I purchased the deer last year from Home Goods. Then I added some tiny LED lights to give it more of a Christmas glow.


If you grew up in a Latino household you know you ALWAYS had a nativity scene. Every time my mom visits around Christmas time she says, “Your tree is nice and all but where is your baby Jesus?” I’ve had. this nativity set for years and can’t really remember where it’s from but you can shop for a very similar one here. I also love apothecary jars because you can fill them with anything and they look so pretty.  In the name of Christmas, faux snow and some silver bells were in order. The cute bottle brush tree is from Target.



I love filling the bottom of the tree with pretty boxes and accents just to keep the bottom of the tree from looking empty before Santa arrives.


I hope I have given you some Christmas inspo to turn your home into a magical place where you can make beautiful memories with your loved ones and thank you for allowing me to share my passion for interior decor with you all.

Feliz Navidad! Happy holidays! Until next time!


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