What’s Your Legacy?

In the past few months, I have really thought about what impressions I have made in this world. What if I didn’t wake up tomorrow? What would be my legacy? If I were not to wake up tomorrow I would want my legacy to be the smile on my children’s face when they are alone in their thoughts and great memories that I created for them come to mind.

Some of my greatest childhood memories are from family vacations and that’s why I take the planning process of a vacation very seriously. I am not above planning out itineraries that include a rundown of every minute of our vacation but this past April things were different. For the first time in forever our family was in a rut and the only possible cure was to receive spells performed by wizards and to find the most magical fairy dust in the world.

Our daughter who likes to go by Penny Potter happened to be celebrating her birthday during our spontaneous pit stop in Orlando. At 7 years old, she read all seven Harry Potter books in 10 days so a dose of Universal was definitely in order. I can’t lie and don’t let the biker jacket and Biggy Smalls t-shirt fool you, I’m a Disney girl and was very hesitant to visit Universal but I am so glad we did because slaying dragons, being chosen by a wand with a unicorn hair, and hopping on a train at 9 3/4 has to be the most gangster way to celebrate your 9th birthday.

I did the unthinkable and allowed my children to pack their own clothes. It’s Orlando, the land of bad hair and humidity and my son packed a very warm and quite frankly very small Darth Vader costume to wear to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I was not down with this but life showed me that sometimes you just have to let things go because had he not worn his very small and very warm costume, he would not have experienced one of the best moments of his little four-year-old life. While we were standing under the hot Orlando sun, he was greeted by two storm troopers who stopped to talk to him before they went on stage. He re-visits this memory every single night. I re-visit the moment that I turned around and saw my husband and son harnessing the force.

I cannot tell you how many years we have tried to get a reservation at the Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Years! I’m a planner, I have called as soon as the reservations opened up and stalked up until we are at the park and have never been successful. My husband thought he’d give it one more try and walked up to the hostess stand to find that the person right before him had just canceled their reservation and it was up for the taking and we took it. After years of trying, we finally got to try the gray stuff. It was delicious by the way.

As much as we believed that this trip was spontaneous, the way life aligned so many moments for us proved that these memories as unplanned and coordinated as they were could not have been more meant to be.

And to my dearest husband, thank you for everything. Here’s to the most generous donation to our legacy. May there be many, many more.

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