We Went To A Bruja

Elle and Liz have bonded over many things and one of them was experiencing one of their Latina rites of passage by visiting a bruja/fortune teller 14 years ago. They had the most insane experience and never returned but are willing to dabble in some brujeria and visit one again only if you guys suggest one in the Washington Heights area because they also want to get their eat on while they are there.  In this episode they also share the crazy superstitions that they were raised around and what happened when they began questioning some of their parent’s beliefs like, why can’t a woman on her period hold a newborn baby? That don’t make no kind of sense.  Be the first person to get the piping hot bochinche by subscribing to their podcast. Want to be all up in the coro and not miss a thing?  Then follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter via the links below.




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