We All Grow Familia


Estas en familia. When you go over a friend’s house and they say that to you, you know you have free reign to ask for seconds and unbutton your jeans after dinner because it’s official, you are family. This is exactly how Liz and I felt at We All Grow Familia.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Yes, even the bad and the very ugly. I have had a road block come up every time that I am ready to go to a We All Grow event but I now know that it’s because I was meant to experience it alongside my best friend. Liz and I attended We All Grow Familia last week and Oh. My. God.  Hay. Dios. Mios. What a phenomenal event. We were super nervous and changed our outfits a trillion times, we said mini prayers even though we are not even religious, we ate our feelings the evening before and now feel like we are first time experts and because of that we put together a list of what to expect at your first We All Grow get together from what to wear all the way through what set to rep.

1. Arreglate. Okay, you know how we do. Pintate el pico, wear them Spanx, and maquillate bien. For real, for real, you are amongst your people and your people like to look their best so get it together. This doesn’t mean you have to whip out your red bottoms and Colombian faja… unless you want to of course. I feel my best is in a pair of flats and no faja so my outfit had to be comfortable and ME. Liz and I wanted to take a page from Bethany Frankel’s book and decided to dress in our brand colors. My dress and shoes are from Amazon Fashion and P.S. my dress was only $17 AND it has pockets AND you can get it via this amazon affiliate link here. Liz found her dress at Rent the Runway.


2. Re-Charge. You’re going to be on your phone at all times. It’s an influencer event so everyone is “influencing”. Playing with filters and trying to get a witty tweet out while including event hashtags is not for a meek battery. Pack a quality portable charger that will keep your phone red-to-go. I promise that my charger even helped me network, “I need a charger” Me, “Oh, hey new friend! I got one right here!”. Not having your phone fully charged can also make you miss out on amazing photo ops like this, thanks Mike! You da best! Check out my favorite portable charger via my amazon affiliate link here.


3. Business Cards. Staples offers a super quick turnaround and I always recommend a matte finish over glossy. I like to write notes on business cards so that I can remember who they came from. My business cards usually have notes like, “Blue dress on the coffee line.” or my favorite, “B-cup is the new black”.

This picture was taken by the We All Grow photographers Robson Muzel and Dariela Cruz-Gillespie and if you guessed that my note on her business card was “She loves to read and I love her” then you are right. If you want a great subscription box that involves the gift that keeps on giving aka books, check out Sol Book Box

4. Pitch yo-self! Have a good opening line ready for when you pitch your brand. For example, our opening pitch is, We are not American enough for the Americans and not Latino enough for the Latinos and that line always encourages people to ask questions and questions mean interest. Questions are muy bueno.  Also, remember you are a walking advertisement at these events and you need to be ready in these streets when people ask you what set you are reppin’.


5. Take Note. Whenever I’m asked what my favorite instrument is, my response is always a pen. Pack a pen or two so that you can take down notes. We were lucky enough to receive these super cute gel pens along with these notebooks by Erin Condren.

6. Take a Break. You are going to be on information overload and it’s okay to take a break. It isn’t disrespectful. You earned your spot so breath. Take a break. Liz and I took a break with Amazon and it was oh so nice to sit and fiddle around with the tablets that our children never let us put our hands on.


If you’re thinking about attending anything We All Grow, don’t think just do. We traveled all the way from the East Coast for this one day conference and have zero regrets. See you next year, Familia!

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