Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

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I love Valentine’s day as much as love watching holiday-themed programming on the Hallmark channel. I was raised with Valentine’s Day being, “El dia de el amor” which translates to, “The day of love”.  V-Day was never about being boo’d up or receiving flowers from an admirer, it was and still is (in my book) about celebrating love.

There is nothing more valuable than an intangible gift.  Love is a gift.  Creating a beautiful memory is a gift.  This is why I love gifting books.  While a book is a tangible item, the memories that each illustration and sentence will trigger for generations to come is a wonderful thing. I put together this list last year and added one more book that should be added to your list when shopping for your petite Valentine.

1. Love, Splat (Splat the Cat) by Rob Scotton:  Splat has a crush this Valentine!  This story is cute and funny.  All it needs is a beard and it becomes the perfect cuddle companion.  Splat has another Valentine story called, Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine .  Funny Valentine is an eventful Valentine’s Day read.  I have only found it in paperback and if you are a bit of a book snob like myself, you wished every book was available in hardcover.



2. Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime by Barbara Park: I have birthed Junie B. Jones only her name is, Penelope.  My oldest daughter was never a Junie B. fan but Penelope will devour one her books in a day.  Penny loves everything about Junie B. Jones.  She especially loves all the mischief she gets into.  I love hearing my middle child giggle while reading these books.  This story takes the giggle factor to another level when Junie learns that she has a secret admirer.


3. The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Party by Jan and Mike Berenstain: You should know by now that I have a soft spot for this family of bears.  This choice is completely because of nostalgia.  There are other Valentine’s Day themed books by the Berenstain’s called, The Berenstain Bears’ Funny Valentine this book has been perfect for me being that my oldest daughter is experiencing her very first crush.  Dearest time, please slow down!  The last one that I have personally read is, The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Love Bug.




4. Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart by Jane O’Connor: I have two daughters, of course I am waist deep in the world of Fancy Nancy.  I try my best to rotate the books that I leave out for my children so that when they see ones that they haven’t seen in a while, they get excited and read it all over again and again… and again.  However, this Fancy Nancy title is out all year.  They love it and have yet to remove the stickers that come with the book because they want to keep them forever.  No worries, I’m sure my son will destroy them this year.


5.  The Invisible String by Patrice Karst and illustrated by Geoff Stevenson: Get the tissues ready.  This is a beautiful book.  It is also a book where a parent needs to have a glass of wine and tissues on deck for the booger cry they will experience afterwards.  The story is about a set of twins and the Invisible String that connects them to their mother.  Phenomenal book.  Also a great baby shower gift.  Seriously, buy it.  Tell your kids, tell your wife.  You will love it forever.


6. Llama Llama I Love You by Ana Dewdney: Note to self, anything starts with Llama Llama is going to be a favorite. The entire Llama franchise holds some of my children’s favorite books.  This Valentine’s Day themed Llama story is no exception.  Who doesn’t want an occasional, I love you from their little Llama?  They love me!  They really love me!

7.  The Story of Valentine’s Day by Nancy J. Skarmeas and illustrated by Stacy Venturi-Pickett by Dan Gutman: So, at the end of the say, St. Valentine’s Day is truly a religious holiday and this book tells you a little bit about the history and real meaning behind it all.  If you believe that baby Jesus was born in a manger then this is for you.  It’s short, it’s sweet and it works for our family.


8.  My Weird School Special: Oh, Valentine, We’ve Lost Our Minds!: My kids LOVE the My Weird School book series!  With their mini puzzle and trivia question breaks, this book series is entertains all reading levels.  Oh Valentine is the classic story of two boys losing their minds and dueling for the love of one woman  girl.  It’s a perfect gift to get your little ones ready for V-day.




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