Family Game Night with the Littles


We are down to the wire! Christmas is officially 24 days away and Noche Buena only 23 but no worries, we have you covered and by “we” I mean amazon prime and my expertise of course. In the world of tech and tablets people often forget about board games during the holiday season and I am not sure why because most board games force you to have human contact. They teach you how to win and lose with grace. How to keep the sore losing tears for the bathroom like the rest of us and my absolute favorite thing about board games is that we can play them together as a family. With the countdown to Christmas getting REAL now I thought I would share 7 board games that you will not regret adding to Santa’s shopping list.

1. Wobbly Worm (affiliate link)– This game has makes little kids feel like a rock star. Baron still loves to play and he’s 5. He throws and lands those rings like nobody’s business, just don’t tell him that I have it set to the lowest height. The object of the game is for the children throw the rings onto the wobbly worm. The worm can be adjusted to three different heights and grow with the child. My favorite feature is that since there aren’t many pieces, this game does not include endless hours of clean up. This game is targeted for ages 3 and up. #Winning

2. Dr. Seuss Thing Two and Thing One Whirly Fun Game! (affiliate link)– No need to wait for a rainy day for Thing One and Thing Two to stop by. The player or players (yes, this game can be played solo) have to pick up the mess created by Thing One and Thing Two before mother gets home. What I love the most about this game is that it can be played by a party of one and one is in fact NOT the loneliest number.

3. My First Banana Grams (affiliate link)– This game is perfect for learning letters, sounds, and sight words. My First Banana Grams is targeted for ages 4 and up and like the OG Bananagrams it offers different activities and mini-games to play. I think this is a great gift to donate to your child’s pre-school or kindergarten class. It’s such a fun learning tool.

4. Trouble (affiliate link)– and Trouble now comes with all sorts of themes like Disney Cars, Finding Dory, Star Wars, Frozen, Trolls, and more. Baron has been loving his mommy Trouble dates for a few years now as long as he gets to choose his color first of course.

5. Candyland (affiliate link)– I love Candyland. It teaches color, counting, and is so cute. I have been trying to get my hands on the 80s version of this game but this retro version will work for now.

6. Blink (affiliate link)– This is an intro to the classic Uno game. I had no idea it existed until I was walking down the “we have nowhere to put this so we are going to leave this right here” aisle at the supermarket and I’m so glad I picked it up because I feel a lot better about myself when I whip these out at a restaurant instead of an iPad. It’s only $7 too. Perfect stocking stuffer too.

7. Chutes and Ladders (affiliate link)– Another classic game that brings major nostalgia. I remember playing this in my elementary school lunchroom when it was raining outside. I also remember when a little girl moved my peace when I went to the bathroom… It’s fun to see other people win but was even more fun to see the same little girl land on every chute there was and lose afterwards. Karma. This game is simple but we love playing it as a family and Baron loves that he gets to participate in a game with the whole family.

Which one of these games would you like to try out? What was your favorite board game growing up?


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