Time to Play Spring Showcase


Q: “Any ideas on what to give my 8-year-old nephew?”
A: “Umm.. How about you check out the Time to Play website and download their app so that you don’t have to ask me this ever again?”The

The Time to Play showcases are probably my absolute favorite events of the year. Yes, even more than Christmas because I don’t have to deal with Santa not wrapping gifts properly OR accidentally donating a very large Amazon Prime box filled with wrapped presents. Thanks, Santa! The TTPM showcase is THE place to go and learn about all of the upcoming “it” toys of the season. Cool points galore.

This year the TTPM spring showcase was held on take your child to work day and my dynamic duo was also able to attend. As always, we had a great time and got a preview of all the pretty things.

Some of our favorite things included dolls created by Wonder Crew created by Laurel Wilder. For the first time ever there is a doll that is geared towards boys. Imagine that, a boy that plays with dolls. You know what that means, right? He might grow up to be a nurturing father. While the girls and I spoke to Laurel I mentioned that one of my favorite books is William’s doll only to learn that the first doll she created in the Wonder Crew was named, William.

The girls made a b-line to see the new collectible Hatchimals. They rubbed, they loved, and they hatched their own itty baby eggs. We later bumped into the largest Hatchimal that has ever existed and instead of running for our lives, we took a picture because it’s 2017 and this is what we do when we are scared.

Me, “Ah! A giant Hatchimal!” Kids, “Great, let’s take a picture.”

Can you imagine all of the great jokes that this apparatus floating around in your pool will provide? “Floating log!” “Are you sitting in the pool and feeling something cool?” So many possibilities. The pool floats by Kangaroo Manufacturing are trendy and fun. I’m kind of jealous that I had to float around in a simple donut and my kids get to float around on a unicorn.

It’s a girl! It’s another girl and a unicorn!

Penelope is Grumpy cat. You cannot possibly understand how she has naturally harnessed the spirit of this Grumpy and snarky creature throughout her entire life. This picture is so appropriate that I printed it out and have it on my nightstand. Grumpy cat and Penelope are finally one.

There are two popular games that my daughters play during recess. The first is Harry Potter and the second is DC Superhero Girls. They loved the smaller action figures and were very excited to see the whole gang together on display. Penelope’s favorite is Harley Quinn and Sophia’s favorite is Bat Girl.

Keep your eye out for future posts featuring even more of the stuff we saw at the TTPM showcase. There might even be a video featuring two girls and one might even be a grumpy cat.

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