Summer Decor Inspo


How exciting is summer? I personally love the easy breezy living, more hours of sunlight, and warm weather.

My formal living room is the first thing you see when you walk in to the house so I wanted the space to be very inviting. I wanted to keep the room very bright and airy as well. If you know me you know I love my neutrals. They’re so easy to play with and add your touch of personality. First things first, think of things that remind you of summer. For me it was a light teal color, it reminds me of the beautiful beaches back in my parent’s motherland, the Dominican Republic.

If you have not caught on, I’m a major Home Goods junkie so when I saw this teal vase with hints of gold I knew it’s home was on my coffee table. And how pretty is the tea light candle holder? The pattern reminded me of fish scales which also gives it a beachy touch. Fresh flowers always gives a space a nice touch and hydrangeas are always a good idea. I love to use my coffee table books as platforms for pieces. They add a perfect statement and make the space a little more you.

Even though this my the formal living room, I like to keep it cozy and decided to change out my usual white throw for a pale blue one. My husband and I love to spend summer nights watching movies in this room and he’s obsessed with having the air conditioner at freezing temperatures so to stop me from freezing to death I decided to keep the throw a bit on the heavier side with a fluffy texture. The throw pillows are actually my year round pillows. I decided to keep them because the patterns reminded me of the ripples on top of seashells. I got more throw pillows in my color scheme (I mean, you can’t ever have enough throw pillows) and i love the pattern on them.

Is your Mom like mine that has old wives tales for everything? My mom is a strong believer that bringing in shells from the beach will bring mala suerte (bad luck). I guess I will be ok since these shells are not from the beach but from Marshall’s.


I added the blue candle holder to a console table which has been sitting  in a closet from my previous home. I love how it looks here. It’s like this is where it was meant to live. I filed my apothecary jar with potpourri to give an earthy element and of course added more fresh cut hydrangeas.

Last but not least, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your space a mini makeover. Create a vibe in your space by adding scented candles  that give you nostalgia from your favorite summer memories. Use your favorite summer reads as part of the decor.

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration today. Thanks for stopping by!



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