Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to laugh our way through the journey of finding a balance between being a mami and being a mommy.

Who We Are

We are not American enough for the Americans and not Latino enough for the Latinos. We are as excited to watch Premio Lo Nuestros as we are to watch the MTV Music Awards. We grew up sleeping on a pile of coats at family gatherings. You call it twerking but back in 1993, we called it el baile de el perrito. We grew up listening to Merengue, Motown, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Bachata, Country, Cumbia, Techno, Mariachi, and Freestyle. We spoke Spanish at home and English at school. We are a large and overlooked American genre. Our untold story is your story and that is why we created, Oye Mami Show.

Why We’re Here

We wanted to give our forgotten genre a home and provide a place where they can tune in and listen to other people share the same woes that they have. Like our audience, we have HAD it with our families telling us to feed our baby solids before the time suggested by the American Association of Pediatrics. We believe in mal de ojo and we know that whatever Walter Mercado says is bible. We are a genre of pioneers that needed a voice so here we are.

What We Love

We love eating, being served, interior decor, laughing, specifically pee-laughing, family, traveling, cocktails, mocktails, fashion, coffee, tequila, wine and you.

Fun Facts

Our families represent 6 countries outside of the United States including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Puerto Rico and the Philippines and one of us can stick her entire fist in her mouth.