Latin History For Morons

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The Latino culture is made up by many beautiful elements. One of them is dealing with whatever hardships come your way while always remembering “Alante, Alante.” We are taught from early on to always move forward and not dwell. While this is a great trait it also creates a lot of problems because we should dwell on our hardships and problems, especially if they have not been solved.

Our culture has a history that is not included in History books and if you are lucky enough to be part of a school that dedicates a week to Latin History month, the usual cover of Frida Kahlo just doesn’t cut it. We have sewed deeper seeds than that. We have fought and died for this country. Time and time again, we have attained the American dream. We are not one week, we are more than that. We are American history.

In an article he wrote for Billboard John Leguizamo talks about being underrepresented in music, movies, and tv. He also talks about still being “subjected to the ‘Latin only’ corner of the room”.  Those 9 words… Everything. I never experienced that corner until I began blogging. I noticed everyone stuck together but that’s never been my style. When I tried to seek opportunities outside of those available for Latinos I kept getting re-directed or straight up told they had filled their Latino needs quota. I did not know how to feel or react. I could not believe what I was going through and instead of really standing up and fighting against this I did something I always saw in my culture, I didn’t dwell. I moved forward, Alante, Alante. I became grateful when I was accepted and able to hang out with the mainstream crew even if it was in the “Latin only corner of the room” but that grateful feeling didn’t last long because being around people that always categorized me didn’t feel great. I had to dwell and decided that when I came back to blogging it would be for a purpose. I wanted to be part of a movement and that’s just what Latin History for Morons, The Road to Broadway is. This documentary is what the rest of the room needs to feel “woke” about our culture. Despiertate, boo!

It’s our turn to take over the room and in order to do that we MUST showcase our input. We can no longer allow our history to be crammed into one school assignment or a Frida Kahlo Halloween costume. We are not a month, we are an American culture. Latin History for Morons is now playing on Broadway and while that’s great, Broadway only reaches some, not all. We need ALL. Filmmaker Ben DeJesus is working on making Latin History for Morons into a documentary and we can help him get there by donating here. Anything counts and I don’t mean that in a telethon-ish kind of way. An ocean is made by a countless number of drops so let’s be that ocean, let’s be that force and help our culture move Alante, Alante and get out of the “Latin only corner of the room” by supporting here.

Let’s make history! (I mean we already made it but let’s let them know we made it)

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