I Want My MTV Family Tradition

Cheers to the freaking weekend! Especially since this is VMA weekend! My husband and I are college sweethearts and like most college sweethearts we frequently talked about our future together. How many children we wanted to have, how we would celebrate Christmas but never would we have imagined that 16 years ago a family tradition based off the MTV Video Music Awards would have been born.

I was a party girl in my hay-day and one year got SUPER close to snagging an invite to a Diddy party which was like Mecca for New York City party girls. My opportunity to be a plus one fell through and instead of moping around being pissed at life I decided to make my own party and thankfully my boyfriend was down. Wait. No. Not that kind of party. That’s not why he was down. We ordered pizza, wings, and dressed up as pop culture icons but since we were broke college students there was a catch, we were not allowed spend a cent on our costumes and we had to get dressed in separate rooms and guess who the other person was with a “big reveal”. It. Was. Hysterical. And without knowing it, we mistakenly created a tradition out of the pop culture phenomenon that is still going strong years later.

We are no longer college sweethearts, have grey hair, joint pains, and three children. The Britney Spears performance in the year 2000 continues to be one of the best moments of our lives and our crazy tradition has also become a tradition for our family and friends. We have no idea who the cool people are now but every year when we feel it is time for us to bow out gracefully like Michael Jordan in 1993, 1998, and 2003 our phones blow up with messages asking us for a sneak peek of our big VMA reveal. So, obviously, we do it for the people.

Here is a collection of pictures from VMAs past. Can you guess who we are?

We are obviously great fans of Roc Nation and yes, that is my husband in my maternity skirt holding baby North because children make the best accessories. 

The best part of my Snooki look is that my husband and I have no idea who we are dressing up as so naturally when I saw The Situation I peed my pants.

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