Holiday Entertaining with Cascade Ice

A pinterest board an event planner does not make. I’m a for real-for real event professional. Not the kind that has a pinterest board and planned her own baby shower so now she’s obvs super-profesh or the kind that has dique “planned a wedding” but only made a few phone calls and got zero deals for their client. I completely understand why there are so many event imposters out there since most people choose to see the glitz and glamour of events but the truth is there is an exhausted crew behind the scenes that is living on pure adrenaline who are experts in the art of entertaining. Events isn’t a 9-5 job or carrer, it’s a lifestyle.

Throughout my 16 years in this field of work I have learned a few tricks of the trade. Number one being how to get into the mind of a guest. Guests love feeling like they are experiencing something that they will never experience again. They want to post a picture on the gram that makes their friends wish they were there (#FOMO) and one way to attain this is by giving your guests the feeling of exclusivity. The easiest way to achieve this is by adding a signature cocktail to your event. Want to step it up a notch and really leave them wanting more? Make the signature cocktail a “secret recipe”. Event Tip 101: People love the feeling of exclusivity so presenting anything as a “secret” makes them want it even more. People be cray like that.

Even when I am not working my brain is always in event mode so when I tried Cascade Ice at We All Grow Familia I thought, wayminute… This is healthy and all and it’s great that Cascade Ice sparkling water does not contain calories, sugar, sodium, gluten or caffine BUT these little genies in a bottle are great for something else… MIXERS! And with over 20 great tasting varieties, you’re sure to find something that works for everyone in your family.

These cocktails and mocktails (for the under 21 crew) are sure to be a TKO at your holiday event and will take your hosting game to the next level. Trust me, I tried them all… More than once… More than twice…

Cranberry Kiss Cocktail – Get in the holiday spirit with this refreshing drink! To mix, use 3oz of Cascade Ice Cranberry Pomegranate, 2oz of ginger ale and 2oz of gin. Stir the contents in your shaker with a handful of ice and garnish with sprig of cranberries and mint.

Berrylicious Blend – Try this Cascade Ice blend for a berry-charged treat. Throw your favorite berries into a glass and slightly muddle the berries to release the fresh flavors. Pour 5oz of Cascade Ice Wild Berry on top of ice and top with another handful of fresh berries to garnish.

Raspberry and Lemon Sparkler – Give your guests a citrus kick with this tasty cocktail that you can also serve as a mocktail. Mix 6oz of Cascade Ice Raspberry Lemonade with a handful of ice, fresh raspberries and lemon wedges. To make this an adult beverage, add 1oz of your favorite vodka.

Want me to share more tricks of the trade? Let me know and I will share more ways to take your next event to a professional level.

Cheers! Arriba! Abajo! Para el centro! Para dentro!

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