Felicidades Amelia Vega-Horford

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Last night Amelia Vega-Horford announced her third pregnancy with husband, Al Horford. If you have been hiding under a rock or exclusively watching Fox news and don’t know who Amelia Vega-Horford and Al Horford are she is the 2003 Ms. Universe and Al is a forward for the Boston Celtics (a really famous one). Both were born in the Dominican Republic.

I’m a fan of Amelia and follow her on social media just to obsess on how her hair is always so naturally gorgeous (even when she’s working out). She’s just like us and stays up all night putting things together for her children’s birthday parties, she promotes brands like Cricut insanely and it isn’t because she’s a brand ambassador and getting paid for this but because she genuinely loves the product. She’s a dedicated mother and her hard work shows in how intelligent her children are. For real though, her son should be recognized by Mensa. She shuts down ignorance real quick and her clap back game is strong. Amelia is relatable and that’s why she is loved, so as a fan I immediately noticed that when she announced her third pregnancy on Instagram that there were some bad apples in the commenting bunch and quickly found myself counting to ten. I could not believe that people would leave shady comments on a beautiful and personal moment that did not have to be shared with us, the public.

Because Amelia is too elegant and dignified to clap back at these trolls, I decided to do something for the greater good of humanity and put a list together of 5 things you do NOT say to a pregnant woman when she announces her pregnancy. Ignorant people of the internet, this is for you. You gon’ learn today.

  1. Not even minutes into the Horford family’s pregnancy announcement catty comments asking if they had a television in their home began. Ummm… He’s an NBA basketball player, watchu think, boo? Does your momma have a tv in her home? Some people may feel that this is funny but it really isn’t. You have no idea what people go through to become pregnant so go grab some popcorn and watch tv.
  2. Then there were people who took the energy to say “another one?!”. Well yes, bish. Another one. That is kind of the point of a pregnancy announcement. To. Announce. The. Birth. Of. (wait for it) ANOTHER. Child. Do you need help in reading comprehension? Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Are you a fifth grader? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? 
  3. There seems to be some confusion on a woman’s uterus because a few people felt like the Horford family was having their children too close in age and telling them that they were going “too fast”. Last time I checked a woman’s uterus does not come with a speed limit so if someone is able to carry not one, not two, but three healthy pregnancies you better not hate and congratulate. 
  4. Catty people aren’t all that talentless as they have the ability to weave shade into religious words. I don’t know how many times I saw people comment, “Santisimo” which is the equivalent of bless her heart. How do they do it? I don’t know but SANTISIMO keep the religious shade to yourself when referring to a woman’s pregnancy. Thanks. 
  5. I am really hoping that I am lost in translation on this one and that this insta-troll is NOT asking a married woman who is pregnant with her THIRD child to borrow her husband. No, this is something you definitely do not say to anyone when they announce a pregnancy. Just no. 

But fear not my people there is still hope in humanity because there were much more positive comments for than there were negative ones but one, in particular, dropped the mic. I cannot translate her comment into English without it losing its humor but thank you for once again giving me faith in humanity. 

I know I received catty comments in the past when I announced my pregnancies, did you receive any? Let us know what they were in the comments.


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