Family Command Center

DSC_0526Something I vowed to do this new year is to get more organized. Especially with three toddlers, my day-to-day is already pretty hectic. I was so tired of finding things scattered all throughout the house that was not in its designated space. The clutter was driving me insane. I told my self there had to be a better way. That’s when I decided to go on Pinterest and search for organization ideas, and that’s when I fell upon command centers. Where has this been all my life? With a family of 5 and a preschooler, this would be my savior.

I pinned many command centers for inspiration for my own. You can check them out here.

Ok, so the first thing I told my self is where in my home do I find the most clutter. And that is my kitchen, my counters have become the dumping grounds for mail, my children’s artwork, important school and doctors notices. As well as our keys and sunglasses, pens and markers. They were all taking over my counter and started spreading to the top of the fridge. Another thing I wanted to keep in mind was where would my command center get the most use. For my family, the perfect place that works for us is a wall near my back door and our coat closet. It’s the area that gets the most traffic. We rarely go out the front door.

Now that I got that out of the way It was time to start searching for the tools that will make the command center succeed. As much as we are living in this new modern and technology-based era, my husband and I don’t share an icalendar. I thought It was best to have a calendar on the wall so we can both see what important events we have coming up. As well as reminders for my self when the kids had doctors appointments cause I have missed a few. Another thing I needed was a wall file. Now that my son is in school he comes home with so many papers and artwork. I also needed a place to leave the mail after sorting.I added a shelf to place a pen holder since the millions of pens that make their way in my house always seem to get lost. As well as other miscellaneous items. Even though I had the calendar, I wanted a weekly schedule where I can break up whats going on for that week, so I found a fantastic dry erase board that has it already as well as a section to write other notes like a grocery list, etc. I also realized that as much I tried keeping up with the house staying clean, I never felt accomplished so I found a weekly breakdown online so I can tackle some house cleaning on a schedule the best works for my family. I found a printable online and framed it to add to the wall.Last but not least add things that give it a bit of personality make it yours. Most of these items I found at home goods ,Michael’s and Marshalls . but Included some links below that may help you get started. Happy shopping!

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Here are the links:

1. Magnetic Refrigerator Calendar
2. Rustic Mounted Organizer Bulletin
3. Wallies Calendar Organizer
4. Set of 3 wall mounted Baskets
5. Decorative Organizer Pockets


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