Episode 5 | We Went to A Bruja

Elle and Liz have bonded over many things and one of them was experiencing one of their Latina rites of passage by visiting a bruja/fortune teller 14 years ago. They had the most insane experience and never returned but are willing to visit a bruja again if you guys suggest one in Washington Heights because they also want to get their eat on while they are there.

In this episode they also share the crazy superstitions that they were raised around and what happened when they began questioning some of their parent’s beliefs like, why can’t a woman on her period hold a newborn baby? That don’t make no kind of sense.

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  1. dont eat from the sartén or it will rain on your wedding day that was one i heard all the time growing up around my mom and her sisters
    Love yalls show great to hear you Elle 😉your fav Texan Diana

    1. Wait… It did rain on my wedding day. This one might be true! You are absolutely my favorite texan. Thank you for listening!

  2. You guys had me CRACKING up with your bruja story. I’ve gone to a ton of brujas but neveerrrr one like the one you describe, Diache! Can’t wait to hear your new bruja story! 😉

    1. We are so glad you you enjoyed it. This was definitely an intense experience. We are def going to visit another one again stay tuned!

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