Elf on the Shelf

Guess who’s back in the mother-flipping house? I played a game very similar to Elf on the Shelf growing up only it was a Santa figurine that we were all allowed to touch and move around the house. Whoever saw the Santa last had to move him. It was a fun game and I had always planned to also play it with my family but all it took was a walk in Barnes and Nobles to change my plans because when I saw a lot that there was a kit which included with a book (my weakness) and doll I was INvested. My daughter was almost 2 years old when we joined the cult and she named our elf Artie. Isn’t Artie a great name?  It’s been 10 years since we have had our faithful elf and I have never hated or regret making the decision to add this un-posable red elf to our family because contrary to popular belief, he isn’t a mischievous elf. Gasp! No, seriously, I read the book because reading is truly fundamental and FYI, the reason our elf Artie doesn’t participate in the turn up isn’t due to my laziness, he’s not wild because I read the book and okay, truth is maybe I am a little lazy :).

This year I am going to change things up because why not go completely down the rabbit hole? So, first I purchased another elf from Etsy. She’s pink and posable! We haven’t received her yet. Then I went to the land to steal ideas from others (Pinterest) and found these super cute and simple ideas for our elves so of course I have to share them with my fellow lazy busy mamis. If you want to see all the fun ideas we found, follow us on Pinterest here.

1. Draw faces on bananas. I’m definitely doing this one. It’s so easy, it’s bananas!

2. Easy Peasy! Crayola markers? I got those. Huevos? I got those too.

3. Completely screw up a coloring book? I got this.

4. This pin by Raining Hot Coupons has 200 easy ideas to do with your elf. This is my kind of woman because remember that part about me being lazy? Also, I love books and always purchase a few for the holidays so this is perfecto.

5. All you need is someone who has a color printer at their job to hold you down for this idea because God knows the ink is real. I really love this idea and will go the honest route and go to Fed Ex… Or will I?

6. Toilet paper! We all have toilet paper in our home unless the hipsters are using seashells already.

7. Stickers + Elf = Effort. I’m basically super mom because of this great idea.

8. I mustache you a question. How brilliant is this mustache idea? The best part is that you can find the mustache stickers at the dollar tree.

9. Kids love farts. I don’t know why but even the word fart makes me uncomfortable. Either way, I’m definitely doing this.

10. Humor always wins so even if I’m not into bathroom humor this is so clever that it needs to happen. I’m going to have to let it go, let it go.

11. Indoor hopscotch! Not only is this a great idea for your elf but it’s also perfect for snow days and small spaces.

12. Cherrios, Elf, easy clean up, I’m sold. I’m thinking of putting my own twist on this and having our elf spell out the best behaved child’s name with the Cherrios, make them work for it.

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Happy Elfing!

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