Pick your poison! What I love most about our bar isn’t the whiskey but the fact that I get to dress it up for all seasons and have some fun with my bar decor. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween my absolute favorite holiday so I definitely took the opportunity to incorporate spooky decor into the space and have some fun with my bar decor

When I have people over to hang out you can often find them in  the bar area because the bar is where adults can really trick or treat.


How cool is this Banner? It was only $3.00 dollars in Target’s bullseye playground section. I knew that I wanted to add some fun glassware other than my copper Moscow Mule mugs. So when I saw this awesome set for $5.00 dollars at Target I knew they were coming home with me.


Is it even Halloween without jack-o-lanterns and spiders? These jack-o-lanterns and spiders for sure gave the bar a creepy factor. The jack-o-lantern tins are from Marshalls but they were purchased 5 years ago. Here is something similar. The spiders are From Michael’s.

We are major tequilla fans in this household, so the rocking skull bottle of tequila pictured below did not disappoint. It also blended with the decor perfectly. And if your bomb dot com tequila shot got messy these festive napkins will do the trick. The napkins were a Home goods find. Cheers, Witches’!

The adorable baby pumpkins pictured below from Target’s bulls eye playground have been keeping these bottles company. My absolute favorite find for this mini project were these awesome potion bottles from the Christmas Tree Shops. They definitely added some Hocus Pocus.



Happy Halloween everyone and remember witches, don’t drink and fly!


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