About Elle

Elle Gutierrez

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Elle describes herself a mom that loves to miss her children. She is a c-section having, formula feeding, microwave using, McDonald’s frequenting mom who is too lazy to do any crafts on her Pinterest board. She is often told that she is parenting in the wrong era because even though she is a millennial mom, her parenting style is much more like an 80s mom.

Elle is married to her college sweetheart but this isn’t about him or how great he is or how he once gave her leftover supermarket flowers for Mother’s Day. This is about how Elle sarcastically deals with parenting as well as the woes that come with being expected to bring flan to multicultural day at school when all she really wants to do is pick up an apple pie from the store because why not? She’s American and ain’t nobody got time…

She lives a typical middle-class American life and while her taxes say she is in a higher tax bracket, her pockets strongly disagree. She has held a career in events for almost 17 years and has always had a passion for writing. Her private chef goes by the name, Boyardee. She drives a swagger wagon and will neither confirm nor deny that she has pulled her kids out of school early for a Saks Friends and Family sale.

One thing’s for sure if you want someone to make you laugh you turn to Elle because her sarcasm and natural humor will lift anyone’s spirits. Make sure to follow Elle on Instagram and Twitter @OyeMamiShow  to make sure you don’t miss out on any of her hilarious adventures.