7 Books to Prep for Kindergarten


‘Twas the night before Kindergarten and all through the house… A mommy was stirring her margarita on the rocks… The evening before I officially let my children go into the real world and officially start school is a difficult one for me. Like, I literally need a personal day and bottomless mimosas to re-coup. However, there is no reason why it should be difficult for my kids. While my daughters completely, Bye Felicia’d me on their first days of pre-school, things with my son were very different and a little more complicated. I believe in the power of stories and now that he is about to start Kindergarten we have been reading these 7 books to help make his transition a little easier. Here are 7 books that helped prepare my little person and I on his first day of pre-school.

1. Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney is a new-age classic. I love reading this book and it has become a first day of school eve staple. Not sure if it’s going to fly when my kids are going into high school but I have strong hopes to one day be the obnoxious mom that annoys and smothers them with humiliating moments forever and ever.

2. David Goes to School by David Shannon. David is a “strong willed” child. This is a very fun read aloud book and helps teach what NOT to do in school. I especially enjoy giving this book to the little Davids in my life. I have not met a David who has not loved receiving a book about a little bad ass strong willed child with his name on it.

3. Oh My Baby, Little One by Kathi Applet and illustrated by Jane Dyer. This is the sweetest book. My son had a very difficult time starting preschool 2 years ago. I cried, and he cried. Drop off was a mess every morning. There were many booger tears but every morning while I was getting him ready, I would recite words from this book and he would recite them back. This book really helped him (and I) get through those first few days and weeks of separation. He still recites the words to this day.

4. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate and illustrated by Ashly Wolff. This book offers an exclusive behind the scene look at almost everything a teacher does to prepare for the first day of school. I love the light this book shines on the teacher’s perspective and by giving children an idea of what they might expect it opens up easy dialogue for the first day of school. “Did your classroom have blocks like Miss Bindergartens?” Never fails, trust me. This is a good one.

5. Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard. This has been one of my favorite books since forever. I used to love reading this book growing up. My kindergarten teacher resembled Miss Nelson and I was so scared that she would turn into Miss Viola Swamp that I did not speak to my teacher for months. I still love this book and enjoy reading it with my children. I especially love when they talk about the kids in their classes that behave like the “spirited” children in this book.

6. Back to School, Splat by Rob Scotton. Splat is always a good idea. I love that this book opens up a dialogue about all the fun memories that you made all summer. It’s fun to hear what your children got out of the summer and also fun for them to hear what your favorite memories are. The best part is that unlike Splat, you can share more than just one.

7. Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes is not only a great first day of Kindergarten book but a great way to give your children the awareness of bullies. This book provides a great opportunity to talk to your child about what they think about the way the bully in this book is treating Chrysanthemum. How would they react in the situation? What is the right thing to do if they feel like they are being bullied? Of course, there is a happy ending and the bully gets her just desserts.

Happy Reading!


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