5 Reasons Why Our Family Loves Gaming

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Fun Fact: I used to be a mean gamer. Yes, video gamer. I would stay up all night playing video games and sometimes even developed blisters on my fingers from playing so much.

My brothers and I would get into brawls over whose turn it was with the controller or which one of us got to be a certain character. They are still hardcore gamers so it’s no surprise that the love of video games has trickled down to my children, especially my daughters. There are many misconceptions about video games and one of them is that children zone out when they play them. My argument to that is that if this is truly the case, why not control the video games by making it a family video game night? Schedule a time, assign teams, and make it a little more organized in order to avoid the brawls. Here are 5 ways you can make video game night successful. Ready. Set. Go!

  1. Teamwork – Teamwork makes the dream work. We assign teams ahead of time. If it’s a two player game everyone knows who is going first and so on. It minimizes confusion which minimizes fighting. WINNING! Assigning teams beforehand also creates some fun and healthy competition. I love creating fun team names too.
  2. QT. Quality time – We live in a digital age. Instead of going against video gaming find a way to embrace it on your standards. Plus kids love seeing their parents lose. Why? I don’t know but my kids love beating me.
  3. Safety – If your children know there is an assigned time to play video games and that you will be present when they do, this sets up a safer platform for them to play online games and if they are not allowed to play online video games, this makes it a lot harder for them to try to do it behind your back. Big Poppa and Momma are always watching. Also, you control what games you purchase. Don’t want a gory game? Make sure it’s Rated E for everyone and with the rating being E for everyone you don’t have to worry about them playing on playdates on their XBox One or Windows PC. A great game that is great for the whole family and checks off all of these safety boxes is Super Lucky’s Tale and it is only $29.99.
  4. Common Ground – Children and adults have different interests. My husband and I played Super Lucky’s Tale with our daughters and later talked about the characters over dinner. It came up organically when my daughters were making fun of my poor gaming skills but still there was a conversation and connection that gaming together created for us.
  5. Creating Memories – One of my favorite things about parenting is that I am in control of the blueprint of my children’s memories. I get to decide whether they remember me baking cookies with them or not. I get to decide what traditions they will tell their children about one day and am glad that they will be able to share how much fun they have had gaming together.

I will not go as far as to call us a “gaming family” but we are a family and the family that games together, stays together. Especially if you follow these 5 tips to make your next family game night a successful one.

Check out the trailer for Super Lucky’s Tale below and guess which character were Sophia, Penelope, and Baron’s favorites. I’ll give you a hint… Penelope’s favorite likes to blow things up.

Game Over.



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